About Us

About Us


Our Story

Our company owner, architect Onur Kamil Tan, left his old company, which he has been a founding partner since 2013, in 2021 and established ARKİTAN ARCHITECTURE.

As ARKİTAN Architecture, we provide services both at home and abroad thanks to our long-standing business partnerships. Our work flow in all works related to architecture and interior architecture; exploration / survey – design – visualization – material research – application projects drawing – manufacturing process – site organization and control – work delivery and progress payment.

As Arkitan Architecture, we continue to realize your dreams with our experienced, devoted, energetic and creative team.


Everyone deserves to live and work in their dream place. The mission of ARKİTAN Architecture is to make this a reality with the right design and planning.


Our biggest goal is to continue to work with all our individual and corporate customers for years, whose dreams we have realized by producing designs as thinking outside the box.



Arkİtan Team

Onur Kamil TAN

founder – architect

Merve TAN

managing partner-architect